Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going to Spain as Team USA coach!

The World University (FISU) Championship will be held on May 30, 2010 in Valencia Spain and I was invited to be the coach of the USA team!

Everyone has a select group of people who, when they call, you simply just have a seat. The conversations are rarely difficult but there is always a good reason. Last Wednesday I got one of those calls and after the ensuing shuffle (especially to find my passport which was in the government system for renewal) I am on my way!
This is an exciting opportunity to join a great support staff that includes Steve Kelley, Team Director; Brent Hamula, trainer/physio and Todd Anderson, mechanic.

10 athletes (5 males and 5 females- one of whom is IconOne's Alexandra Weber!) total will be competing for individual and team recognition. Wish us luck and follow IconOne on Twitter for updates from the event.

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