Monday, July 27, 2009

An Amazing Summer

It has been an incredibly busy summer for the IconOne team.

The USAT National Select and PanAmerican camp (June 29-July 5th)was a fantastic success as was the 3rd annual USAT National Skills camp (July 6-10) that hosted a record 29 athletes. Mark your calendars, 2010 USAT National Select and PanAmerican Camp is set for June 28-July 4th. 2010 USAT National Skills Camp July 5-9. More information available on begining December 2009

A total of 9 IconOne Team Members took to the beaches of Oxnard California for the beginning of what would be the best youth/junior elite racing to date in the United States. Competition was outstanding in both the men and women's division and IconOne was well represented. Results

Junior Elite Men
9th Keith Yoho
12th Ben Steavenson
13th Daniel Vertiz
20th Hunter Overly
Junior Elite Female
5th Alexandra Weber
7th Maggie Pickhardt
Youth Elite Female
9th Savana Overly
10th Audrey Manchester

Photo of Junior Elite Females finishing their swim with the dolphins.
Thanks to Ann Ross for the fantastic picture!
Only one week after Strawberry Fields, Daniel Vertiz, Hunter Overly, Savana Overly, and Mike Overly participated in the USAT National Sprint Championships in California. After record breaking waves struck the beautiful California beaches, the swim was cancelled and the event became an 800m run/ 12 mile bike/ 3mile run. Even with the change to a duathlon, Daniel and Hunter couldn't be detered from a top performance. Each finished 4th and 8th respectively. Unfortunately Savana was involved in a bike incident that left her unable to finish. Fortunately her father, Mike was very close behind and stopped to render aid to his daughter. Both are fine and once again we are ever thankful for quality helmets.

Congratulations to the heart that I've seen from all IconOne athletes. You are all inspiring leaders and winners both on and off the podium.

Finally I can't help but leave with a top 10 list of things that the team has learned this year.

10- Don't buy a carbon bike frame if you intend to race criteriums/draft legal/elite triathlons. They are fragile and very expensive to replace if broken in a crash.
9- I can't have enough replacement frames laying around for those athletes that crash!
8- Future team training will include a session on applying temporary tattoos/decals.
7- Body surfing! (can be the extra push needed to come out with the lead pack in the swim)
6- Our bilingual abilities improve for 2 weeks out of every year
5- IconOne parents are the BEST! We can not thank you enough for the opportunities you give to the young athletes.
4- Watch out for parked cars when riding your bike. Especially the big red trucks!
3- Team Time Trialing is a lot of fun!
2- Having and seeing the big picture makes it easier to deal with injury.
1- Never, never, never practice flying mounts/dismounts in baggy shorts. You could wreck 30minutes before your race, break a wheel, have to get a new wheel, earn a trip to the med tent, sacrifice all chance of warm-up, and be very lucky to race at all!