Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weekend Race Report July 21, 2008

The whole story?!

Shirley Flores found her stride at the VineMan 70.3 race in California.
Her time of 6:39:24 doesn't tell the whole story. Why?
For starters she had PR performances on the swim and run AND did the entire race on her road bike - no aerobars. On Monday last week Shirley decided to do the race on the only bike she had completed and boarded a plane. She didn't find an excuse for the fact that her TT bike wasn't ready she just headed for CA and had a great race. Good Job!

Last week Tuesday Alexandra Weber stepped up to the world of Bike racing. She completed her first crit and is looking forward to the next one!

Daniel Vertiz also participated in his first ever Cycling Race at the July Series event held at Texas Research Park. He stayed with the Cat 5 field for the entire road race and finished the TT with style. Spin on!

Meanwhile Travis Decker lite up the junior field in the same cycling event. While chasing overall points for our partner team, Joe's Pro Bikes, Travis set the record straight with smashing victories in both the road race and TT over the junior fields.

Next Up:
July 27th Shelley Probber & Travis Decker at the Small Texan

July 26-27. Savana Overly competes at the Miss Texas Pre-Teen Pagent

August 9th. USAT Youth, Youth & Junior Elite Nationals in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Junior Elites: Mark Saroni, Travis Decker, Kate Ross, Alexandra Weber
Youth Elites: Talbot Cox, Daniel Vertiz, Jake Broyles, Hunter Overly, Savana Overly
Youth: Mason Riley

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IconOne Camp & Team Update July 15, 2008

Holy Cow the last couple of weeks were absolutely incredible!
Media Spotlights:
Channel 5 news
Fox 29
The IconOne National Camps were very successful on many levels and those will be listed in detail on the website as I get it updated.

First, and before I go into my gracious camp mode we must welcome IconOne's newest member Daniel Vertiz. Daniel is from San Antonio and will race as a youth elite (age 15). Many of you got to meet him at the camp and we are glad to have him as a part of the team.

Second: Many, Many, Many thanks to those that supported and helped with the camps. Above all and the person whom I must express my deepest gratitude is Jeff. His support and love of sport makes all that I do with the team possible. Thank you honey!

Additional thanks goes to the coaches including Justin Trolle, Boris Robinson, Kevin Barton, Shirley Flores, Bob Byard, Sergio Valesquez, Donovan Fogt, Shelley Probber, & Laurel Tierney from the PanAm Camp. Bob Byard, Rene LaVergne, Mark Saroni, Kate Ross, & Travis Decker from the Skills Camp. As well as all of the staff at Chisholm Hall and Aramark Catering. Everyone did an Outstanding job.

Lastly thanks to all of the parents for their involvment and support of the developing triathletes.

May you all be blessed in the upcoming months and find success in all of your performances.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Race Report July 14, 2008

Rockin' on & achievin' goals!
Going to Worlds
Coming back from her disappointing flat in Lubbock, Michelle Lester challenged herself at the Amica Ironman 70.3 in Providence, Rhode Island. She was on a mission to qualify for the IronMan World Championships 70.3 and she did!!! She will now compete in Clearwater, FL on Nov. 8, 2008.
Great job Michelle, we are so proud of you!
The Couples Triathlon is a unique event in which the combined score of two competitors makes a final time.
Mike and Hunter Overly showed how a family can take over (literally) in an event. Their combined finishing score allowed them to win their category by over 41min! Wow!